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HELP ME! but really….

I am tired, exhausted and soooo ready for a long, sequestering in my bed… my beautiful, comfy, loving, sweet bed. But, no need pretending like that’s going to happen anytime soon! We at swat are headed into the very end of the semester. I am talking paper upon paper, final project upon final, etc., you get the deal. There is nothing glamorous of this part of college life, as you realize, why yes, I can wake up five minutes before class and still be on time. And oh yes, I definitely can go a consecutive forty-eight hours without sleep. Granted the beautiful weekend is fast approaching, and we will be experiencing the beauty of Spring Fling! BTW…Childish Gambino performing…..

Right now in addition to all the stresses of finals, I am also attempting (failing) to complete financial aid applications. Now Swat is amazing for a multitude of reasons. However, a huge one is the fact that they like to give out money to us students; I’m talking big, big money. That is a main reason I was even able to go here, because no one will ever say that college is cheap, especially a college like Swarthmore.

When you’re a student in college, quarters are equal to godliness.

However, I cannot wait for Friday, really I can’t….



Poetic Waxing

So I just finished a stimulating conversation about the true definition of beauty. That happens a lot here at Swat! Literally, you will never know what you might be talking about. Anything from beer pong, to the reason there are aliens, to the next financially productive stock. That’s Swat for you, always giving you something to think about! Anywho it gave me inspiration to pen this poem, hopefully you enjoy!

And What?

So what if I’m not perfect

If I’m not tall

Not model size

Without perfect breasts

That defies gravity

Nor pouty lips that define sexy

If I have no long stick legs

Or a waist made from wire

If Ill never be on vogue

Or don’t set all hearts on fire

It all doesn’t matter


I am strong

I have skin of silky darkness

I have a smile of pure joy

I have a heart of loyal strength

I have fingers of soft might

I have a mind of roiling quicksilver

I am me

Made perfectly

Without a master sheet

or some little cheat

Not to be defined

By those that I see

But by me

And what I can be

And those who love

What they see

And though I may not be a beauty





So the Rambling Begins

I have returned from Spring Break! Alas, my heart has begun to shrivel from the sun deprivation, along with my skin. But, you know I actually can’t even say that. It has been a beautiful week so far here, in sunny Swarthmore (see I can actually say that!). Of course, as I have previously highlighted procrastination is best buddies with me, but I just finished all my major work of the week. Engineering problem set, followed by paper, followed by midterm, followed by paper and I have hit the top of Mt. Everest. 

The work load here in college, has increased especially here at Swarthmore. But doing the work is not the difficulty, its that the work itself that has gotten harder. Being at Swat means your no longer the smartest kid in the class (I was never that kid, btw). It means that your professor expects more out of you, in your writing, in your discussions and preparation for class. But you learn. Pass-fail (R.I.P) was something that immensely helped me to acclimate to the college life, especially here at Swat. 

Pass/Fail: mandatory your first semester at Swarthmore, you will receive either a pass or fail for you first semester classes (though you will additionally get shadow grades which are only meant to give you as a student a more definitive assessment of your performance in the class.

Anywho tommorow is Pub Nite and I will be free to parrrtayy!! If your lucky I’ll give you a rundown of that soon!

Pub Nite: a thursday night ritual, beginning the Swarthmore weekend; a relaxed and engaging atmosphere in a student-run cafe space from 9- 12 pm with of course low quality beer; disclaimer: dancing may occur, along with cathartic displays of emotional relief at the beginning of the weekend



“If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.” – Unknown

McCage and Procrastination

It’s another night here in the loving arms of McCage, actually known as McCabe Library. I probably should begin doing my work, but instead of course, i’m wasting time. By the way that whole thing about having lots of time in college, true but also not true. You do spend less time in classes, but what this really equates to is more free time to sleep, eat and do nothing … which means after dinner everyone suddenly realizes the pile of work that had been begging them to do them… hehehe I think I’m funny (but I’ve always been told I’m not), now actually needs to be done. Anywho it really is all about time management, which is a tricky thing to manage and a tricky name to spell … you try it, if your mocking me right now. So here I am in McCabe, honestly just waiting for 10 o’ clock, the magical hour in which library fairies magick food, coffee and tea into my waiting stomach. But actually, there is snacks, coffee and tea promptly downstairs at ten o’clock for a wonderfully filling study break (not that I’ve probably been doing any studying). But no one actually knows that, and theres no need to enlighten them either. So I guess, I should start working, I might who knows. I’ll probably just obsess over my plans for Florida. FIVE DAYS AND COUNTING!!! 

Seriously, my sanity needs to return from its long vacation.  

The Trek to Freedom

Well, lets be serious I wish I could be entirely witty and interesting to listen to, as those other famous bloggers, however unfortunately I’m just a normal girl. But, if your interested I will regale with tales of my life as that college girl. But for starters, I don’t attend a school most people know about. I mean when I told people were I was going I was either greeted with congratulatory praise or that demeaning glance, which says “It must be a community college … awkward… ” But no I attend Swarthmore. To this day, I am not really sure how I got in but I thank my lucky stars I did!! Anywho that’s a little background about where I am, you’ll get the rest later …

To the future: Spring Break is a mere week away. Five short days until freedom is mine. Here at Swarthmore, the break is more than just the excuse for a week filled with laziness and debauchery, but also a break from the work that makes us Swatties. No doubt one could also say there are assignments that are due after break, immediately but you always have the choice of the wonderful all-nighter, which I personally would choose over polluting my pure break with the evils of work. Nonetheless, there is no way I will be doing any type of work on the sunny, beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida. Are you jealous yet, cause you should be! I mean, granted I’m not really telling the whole story. There is that small, tiny part of the fact it is a training trip for Swat’s track and field team, meaning when I’m not sunning and tanning I will be dying in various painful, athletic and sweaty ways. Another downside is the fact I won’t see my family unless I plan a visit to them, part of me is sad… another relieved, shh!! So my options are this week, to either swim with the workload or drown waking up in Florida as one of the undead. It’s a hard choice, especially with all the perks there are to being undead, but you know for now I’ll choose to stay alive.